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Accommotek is a brainchild of a team having expertise in customer experience management, hotel management and software development. We brew our own coffee, cook our own lunch (yeah, like you believed that) and develop our own systems and apps. We are a passionate bunch of geeks , nerds and coolsters and we keep it together to deliver best in class of everything we have to offer.

Muhammed Ali Jabbar
Founder & CEO

I have spent about 15 years managing departments/companies providing customer experience management services. A software developer cum entrepreneur cum gadget geek; always at your service ;)

Rami Khamis
The Executer

Whether be it getting more and more properties to sign up with Gurfati or designing/furnishing properties and getting them ready for Staytion, I am the guy. I am bringing my 10 years' hotel industry experience to make our customers' journey a bliss.

Umair Aziz.png
Umair Aziz

Managing hotels is what I have been doing for 10+ years and this is what I like. Improving guest experiences is much more than just fancy rooms or free stuff, it's about being in love with the idea of putting a smile on their faces at every point of interaction. This is what I am bringing to Staytion.

Mohammad Fahad

I make our team and services look good, easy to use and pleasure to work with. Utilizing my 7+ years of experience in development and management, I make sure all our systems and apps are efficient and up and running all the time so that our partners and guests may enjoy their stays.

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